A Complete House Rewire!

We can help you get a total home rewiring if that is what your Sylmar home needs. How do you know if your Sylmar home needs it? Well, it depends on how old the residential wiring is inside your home. How old is your home? Does your home still have some or all light and electrical sockets with just two holes instead of three? If that is true then you might need a house rewire job done by a professional and a licensed electrician in Sylmar, CA, then call My Sylmar Electrician Hero. We have been here for over 30 years now and we can do a home rewiring by qualified electricians in a way that won’t disrupt your entire life.

What’s the Risk?

Well, old wiring using ceramic components, known as knob and tube, can break easily and fray. Other types of old wiring include aluminum wiring and cloth wrapped Romex wiring. That kind of wiring is old and was designed to carry much less current than modern day demands. So, if you use older wiring then you could risk a fire hazard which could start behind the walls of your home and destroy your Simi Valley home. Two-pronged electrical sockets also create an electrical shock hazard even with an adapter.

What’s the Procedure?

We show up, once an estimate has been agreed upon, we show up on time with a qualified electrical contractor, who has years of experience. They get there and we set to work by working one room at a time so that we don’t have to shut the power off and by drilling holes in the wall instead of tearing walls down. That way we cause minimum disruption.

How Much?

Costs and time depend on the amount of residential wiring that needs to be removed and just how big your Simi Valley home is. That’s why the first step is to call us and get an electrician out to your home so we can get a free estimate done.

Call today and get the ball rolling. Call for a free estimate for residential rewiring in Sylmar, CA, today!