Fast and Knowledgeable Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement

You may simply know it as the breaker or fuse box, but this relatively small machine is the nexus of the all the energy that passes into the wires that run throughout your home. The panel is the main interface between you and your electrical system. It connects the external power lines to your house’s circuits and transforms the energy into a usable state.

Needless to say, any issues with your service panel will certainly have a negative impact on the performance of your entire system. When it comes to replacement or maintenance for this delicate and dangerous piece of equipment, you can always rely on My Sylmar Electrician Hero to save the day! We are fully certified to work on any part of your electrical network, from rewiring to appliance repairs.

Modernizing Outdated Panels in Older Houses

If you live in a house with an older electrical system, then you’ve probably already noticed that it has trouble handling lots of appliances and electronics simultaneously. While it may not be a big deal to flip a breaker or replace a few occasionally, it’s a bad sign if this becomes a weekly or daily routine. If your box simply can’t handle the load anymore, then you should consider replacing it with a newer model.

While many older houses were constructed with the latest technology at the time, many newer devices are simply too power-hungry to survive off of an aged system. That’s why homeowners living in older structures should keep a close eye on their power supply. Consistently overloading the panel can burn it out, leaving you in the dark at the worst possible time.

We are happy to discuss your project and answer any questions you have regarding electrical panel replacement. Contact us anytime to schedule an inspection of your current system or to request an estimate for replacement.

Our Emergency Electricians Are Standing By 24/7

We are the Sylmar electricians you can count on no matter when you need help. As your reliable emergency contractor in the area, we make ourselves accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent service requests. If you lose your heat in the middle of a cold winter night or don’t want to risk waking up without an alarm, just give us a call and we’ll be at your home as fast as we can!